No-nonsense House Training Instruction, by Life Lessons Online™


I would like to pass on to as many people as possible the techniques I've used to successfully train my dogs to "do their business" outside starting at a very young age, so I'm offering our House Training Instruction Manual at a very low price.

Not only do my dogs know when and where to "go", they also return inside immediately! This is especially helpful when the weather is less than perfect - there's no need for me to be exposed to rain, snow, etc., just because the dogs have needs...

Once your dog has the basics mastered, you can use the same techniques to teach other very cool tricks! Your dog will enjoy a sense of accomplishment and will, for the most part, avoid the humiliation of repeated in-house "accidents" most puppies experience.

  • Simple methods to help puppies understand quickly where to "go"
  • No need to "walk the dog" in bad weather
  • Know that your dog will come to you with one voice command
  • Use methods to teach other fun tricks

If you would like to know my simple, easy-to-follow techniques for successful puppy house-training, give our House Training Instruction Manual a try. Then, please drop me a line to let me know how these techniques work for you. If you are not satisfied that you have received a good value, your PayPal account or credit card will be promptly credited the full amount.


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